Trump to rally for endangered Republican in Pennsylvania

Trump to rally for endangered Republican in Pennsylvania

Trump to rally for endangered Republican in Pennsylvania

Trump's speech Saturday drew a quick response from the Congressional Black Caucus, a group of African-American lawmakers that is increasingly becoming an outspoken antagonist of the president and his administration.

Republicans, meanwhile, would be spooked about their prospects in this tempestuous era of Trump, who has twice visited the district on Saccone's behalf, most recently Saturday night. Instead, Trump spent much of the speech railing against his critics and touting his achievements. He also touted five points of his experience - education, diplomacy, the military, worldwide business and government - that he said will help Trump advance his agenda in Washington.

"Here's the thing: We're dealing with people that want to obstruct", Trump said of Democrats. Trump also attacked the new map, calling it "very unfair". And analysts say even a closer-than-expected loss for Lamb in a district so heavily tilted toward Trump could symbolically translate into a win for Democrats - evidence that with the right candidate and the right message they can make inroads into Trump country. Trump once again singled out CNN, MSNBC and NBC for what he views as their biased coverage of him and their poor ratings. "The worst. So fake". An upset would embolden them as they look to win in places where the party has lost ground in recent decades, and it would spook Republicans about their prospects in this tempestuous era of Trump. He suggested that the media would be disappointed with a Democratic victory, as Trump's presidency has been a boon for television ratings.

"He's using these vulgarities in the context of a campaign rally, and obviously there were a lot of amusing moments on that rally", he said. "How about that? Can you imagine having to cover Elizabeth Warren for four years?" The White House said that Trump had expressed interest in Singapore's policy of executing drug dealers.

"I'd love Oprah to win, I'd beat Oprah".

Ciccarone said there is also concern that the laws could ensnare low-level drug dealers, many of whom do not know that their products contain lethal amounts of opioids and some of whom are battling addiction. "I'd love it. That would be a painful experience for her". And Lamb has also publicly backed the idea of tariffs on steel and aluminum, a policy change Trump formalized Thursday. Trump said he got 52 percent of the women's vote, which is mostly true if you count only white women, which are apparently the only kind of women the president was focused on.

Trump said the United States got the idea of capital punishment for drug dealers from Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Washington Post reports. "I don't think we should play games", Trump said.

He stressed the need for stricter sentencing, saying drug dealers are "killing our children, families and workers".

He continued: "I think it's a discussion we have to start thinking about. I know her weakness", said Trump, without giving details.

Saccone, a Pennsylvania state representative, will face former federal prosecutor Conor Lamb, the Democratic nominee, in a special election March 13 to replace former Rep. Tim Murphy, a Republican, who resigned in October because of a sex scandal.

Democrat Conor Lamb is going to Pennsylvania's coal country for help in the first congressional election of 2018, widely viewed as a key test of support for President Donald Trump and Republicans ahead of November's midterm elections.

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