United Kingdom companies urge less water use after post-storm thaw

Local residents collect bottled water distributed by Thames Water after mains supplies to homes were cut off following bad weather in Balham south London

United Kingdom companies urge less water use after post-storm thaw

Thames Water has said that it has fixed a key water pipe which had caused some customers in South London to suffer low water pressure, or no water at all.

We sincerely apologise to all those who are now without water or experiencing low pressure.

With water issues happening right across the country, the supplier of bottled water is under pressure and the company is doing all it can to get additional deliveries to areas without water. Where possible, take a shower instead of a bath, do not leave taps running unnecessarily and only run washing machines and dishwashers with a full load.

The company said it was providing bottled water to Wadhurst, Rotherfield, Crowborough, although for a time there was none in Lenham after earlier supplies ran out.

A spokesperson said: "We predict that there will still be further bursts due to the weather, so we'd still continue to ask anyone who spots a leak to let us know as soon as possible - the sooner we can find any further leaks, the sooner we can fix them". This will make a real difference. Outside taps are especially vulnerable to freezing temperatures and bursts may not be obvious. There has been an increase in leaks across networks as the Beast from the East and Storm Emma recede. But the sudden and widespread surge in demand, coinciding with the rise in temperatures, means we also need to urge all our customers to check their own pipes for bursts and call a plumber if necessary.

Seven Trent said it has restored supplies after an "unprecedented number of leaks" from pipes left parts of Rugby with low water pressure or no water at all - but it might not be over yet.

Bottled water is available for people in Hampstead who are now without water.

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