All-Area Boys Basketball Player of the Year: CJ Rosser, Heritage

Westfield Baseball and Softball League players gather at Mindowaskin Park Saturday before the annual parade.
Credits Kate Brochu

Westfield Baseball and Softball League players gather at Mindowaskin Park Saturday before the annual parade. Credits Kate Brochu

GS: Talk a little about your season and what did you learn this year? . Did it live up to your expectations?

"We do need a couple more teams". But I still feel like the season played out well. "Being one of two returning starters from a state championship team, we always had a target on our back, and he was always ready to lead and make plays when we needed them". So going down the stretch it did kind of change.

As such, I sincerely begrudge underperformers and leadership structures that don't elevate or celebrate success.

Q: What's your best memory from the season? "Swimming is a sport that you're either in the water or you're out of shape". I mainly started playing because my dad [Kevin Rosser Sr.] didn't want me to play football, because I was fragile at the time. I was nearly overwhelmed because my whole mindset was just that I wasn't playing this year so I had to be the practice player I needed to be to get everyone else better. He just felt like basketball was physical enough and I could adapt to it more with my abilities.

Prestwood earned a spot on GC head coach Mark Gainous' squad and it was decided that he would be redshirted well before the start of the 2017-18 season.

That's why the last couple of years have been spent by Rogers showing the younger players how it's done. Overall one of the best experiences I've had in my career. But when you're in travel ball, you show up to play and try to win, regardless.

"She's the type of player that could have easily averaged 15 points a game if she wanted to", she said.

"I'm really proud of her", she said. He played at 240 during his senior year in high school and 230 last year before getting down to his current weight. "She taught me how to stay dedicated and what it means to be a teammate".

"When we needed her to score, when we needed big games out of her, she was always there, so I think she is an awesome defensive player, but I think sometimes I don't want to overlook her and call her a defensive player because I feel like she is a complete player". So it was just learning to adapt to those types of situations very quickly. Once a game came around, I had so much energy that I didn't know how much I had used that night, until probably like the next day. We supported each other and it felt like being back in the Gopher family. Tonight, if you noticed, he was using his fastball a lot during the first four innings. He's influenced me since I was in 6th grade.

"They're basic goals, but they're goals I feel like I can meet", he said.

After Cifonelli was dismissed, emails obtained by the Post show an effort from Pali High parent Dan Hansen, the same man that alleged Juliano of publicly threatening to kill him and of unfairly treating his son in February, to ensure Cifonelli remained fired.

Q: Do you have a favorite teacher?

The next step for Randall is college, where she will once again have to prove herself. That's all I'm really looking for is a good relationship with a coach and someone who is gonna push me every day to get better. I believe to lose one is detrimental to those we value the most - our children. Knowing I played bad when I could have reached my full potential was something I had to get over. How so, you may say?

Q: Finish this sentence.

From her unselfishness as a player and her versatility, Concordia University Texas head girls basketball coach Matt Wallis said Hopper will be a huge asset to his program.

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