Amazon key: A Delivery service that allows drop-offs across the US

Amazon Echo

Amazon key: A Delivery service that allows drop-offs across the US

For instance, you can tell Alexa to "announce that lunch is ready" and Alexa will repeat that in all the Echo speakers that you have set up in your house. There are times when you don't need a verbal confirmation that Alexa has accomplished something.

According to the company, the feature "enables users to make one-way announcements to all of the Echo devices in their house", acting as a one-way intercom.

Echo users can now broadcast their voice from one device to all the others in their home. This week, Amazon rolled out a feature that it's calling Alexa Announcements, which allows users to broadcast voice messages throughout their home using every Echo device connected to the network. Unlike Groups, which just controls multiple bulbs, plugs and other devices in one go, Routines offers much finer control.

There are also sound effects that can trigger and accompany your announcements.

Alexa announcements are rolling out to USA and Canada starting today and will support all the Echo devices Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, and Echo Look.

Which Echo devices support the feature?

Amazon's third-party sellers' revenue has increased significantly to account for an estimated 17.9% of its United Kingdom revenue in 2017. Alternatively, you can use commands to prompt Alexa to make announcements in her own voice, TechCrunch reports. Any of these phrases will broadcast the message throughout your home.

Amazon Key commenced late previous year in selective markets as a combination of features next to in-home delivery for Prime members.

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