Apple reportedly developing gesture controls, curved screens for iPhones ars_ab.settitle(1287905)

Apple is actively working on curved screens and touchless gesture controls for iPhones, according to a new Bloomberg report this morning.

The new gesture control allows iPhone users to perform tasks without touching smartphone's screen and this could add another layer of controls on top of Apple's 3D Touch.

Citing "people familiar with the situation", Bloomberg described a gradual arch from top to bottom-different from the distinctly curved edges of competitor Samsung's Galaxy lineup, which use OLED technology.

Apple's tenth-anniversary iPhone X marked the first big redesign on the company's smartphones since 2014, when Apple finally relented and released an iPhone "phablet" with a significantly larger display. Instead of putting the sensors in the bezel, the entire screen would act as a sensor to detect finger proximity and position.

Apart from the curved display, Apple is also exploring touch-less gestures for navigation. From a tutorial on the new features in Notes to showing users how to manage multiple emails, Apple is working hard to show off all the available features to existing and potential future customers.

Today, Taiwan-based Digitimes Research reported that Apple is working with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company to produce small microLED panels for use in the Apple Watch and other wearables.

This news comes after Apple is set to ditch Intel chips in 2020. So far, every iPhone model has used a flat display. We're not talking about the distant future here, but rather a few years from now. Reportedly it will take at least two years until consumers can give it a try. The Korean tech giant has also had success creating curved screens for its flagship phones. In order to keep up with demand and also become less reliant on Samsung, Apple will also be sourcing from LG Display for upcoming models.

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