Apple's iPhone X captured 35pc of global smartphone profits in Q4

Apple's iPhone X captured 35pc of global smartphone profits in Q4

Apple's iPhone X captured 35pc of global smartphone profits in Q4

The news suggests that Apple will ditch the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and will not offer an iPhone 9 or iPhone 9 Plus.

With the possibility of new flagships out of the way, the EEC model numbers may correspond to new iPhone SE devices.

Apple's feat is remarkable since it managed to generate industry-leading profits despite the premium smartphone industry, on the whole, witnessing very little growth in the fourth quarter of past year, with global handset profits dipping by 1 percent (YoY).

The iPhone 8 accounted for 19.1% of the smartphone industry's profits while the iPhone 8 Plus captured 15.2% profit share.

The report definitely puts those lower than expected iPhone X sales in context. The highly criticised iPhone X, especially for its price, also generated 21% of total handset industry revenue alone during the quarter.

Apple managed to capture around 86 percent of the total handset market profits in Q4 of 2017, according to a report by Counterpoint Research.

Apple traditionally does not report separate statistics for every iPhone model, so specific numbers are hard to confirm.

During the holiday quarter 2017, Apple's strong iPhone X sales catapulted the activations into first place. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. now owns 130,191,960 shares of the iPhone maker's stock valued at $18,750,246,000 after acquiring an additional 834,854 shares in the last quarter. Price was the main reason the iPhone X failed to trigger a massive upgrade cycle. The device in the regulatory filings can't be the iPhone 11 since that won't be unveiled until September, which is Apple's typical launch date for its flagship handset. They also claim that the longer shelf life of iPhones (read: software support) lead them to achieve eight positions in the top ten.

Counterpoint Research just released a report showing a detailed analysis of Q4 2017 smartphone industry profitability.

With only 14 percent of the profits of the industry made by Android smartphone manufacturers, this means that the iPhone X made about two-and-a-half times more money compared to all of them combined. "In fact, the average selling price (ASP) of their flagship devices also increased year-on-year", added Associate Director Tarun Pathak.

"This was driven by the increased mix of mid- to high-end smartphones". However, Apple reported that for the 4th quarter, the company earned $52.6 billion, of which $10.7 billion was profit and sold is 46.7 million iPhones. Huawei emerged as the leading brand among all the Chinese brands, as the company's profit increased by 59 percent (YoY). The report added that the iPhone X actually generated five times more profit compared to 600 Android smartphone makers in the quarter.

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