Bill Cosby accuser's mother says he apologized

Bill Cosby accuser's mother says he apologized

Bill Cosby accuser's mother says he apologized

Constand testified Friday that she drank wine and took three blue pills at Cosby's urging in January 2004, then lost consciousness and, sometime later, was "jolted awake" to find the entertainer sexually assaulting her. They said she had called him more than 70 times in the weeks after the encounter. He says she consented to a sexual encounter. Prosecutors in his retrial were allowed to seek tetimony from as many as five other women who claim Cosby also drugged and assaulted them. Then one day, younger Constand called her mother and said she was assaulted by Cosby.

Prosecutors said Cosby sexually assaulted Andrea Constand at his Montgomery County home in 2004.

But Constand's phone records show she did not make any calls to Cosby's mansion that month.

Mesereau has attempted to poke holes in her story, arguing that Constand was a "con artist" who obsessed over Cosby's money and fame.

The defense lawyer also accused Andrea Constand of trying to climb her way up into Hollywood after college. He says it was consensual.

At last year's trial, Cosby's lawyers suggested that Constand and the former "Cosby Show" star were lovers who had been intimate with each other in the past. The defense has called the other accusers irrelevant to the case.

Focusing on the evening that Constand contends she was molested, Schaffer said that Cosby admitted to having given her a pill and half of a Benadryl because she had been complaining about not sleeping well.

On Thursday, it was Dickinson's turn to tell jurors that Cosby had taken advantage of her after knocking her out with drugs.

The defense plans to call as a witness a former Temple administrator, Marguerite Jackson, to testify that before Constand lodged her allegations against Cosby in 2005, Constand had mused to her about setting up a "high-profile person" and filing suit. Jackson has said that she and Constand worked closely together, had been friends and had shared hotel rooms several times. He faces up to 10 years behind bars on each count if convicted.

The defense has finished its cross-examination of Constand.

Bill Cosby's accuser Andrea Constand is defending herself against allegations she falsely accused the star of rape.

Phone records show the former director of women's basketball operations at Temple University made brief calls to Cosby around the time of a Temple home game on February 14, 2004.

Gianna Constand said she was "very combative" with Cosby, demanding he tell her the medication he'd given her daughter and what he'd done to her.

She has testified that she saw Cosby as a mentor and had no romantic interest in him.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

The judge in Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial says he's seeing the courtroom clearly again after having emergency surgery over the weekend to fix a torn retina.

O'Neill said he was anxious he'd have to wait to have the procedure during the week, delaying testimony and keeping sequestered jurors in their hotel longer.

The jury at Cosby's first trial deadlocked on the charges.

A judge blocked Jackson from testifying at last year's trial after Constand took the stand and denied knowing her.

Prosecutors are building to the conclusion of their case against comedian Bill Cosby in his sexual assault retrial.

A spokeswoman for the 80-year-old comedian blasted his chief accuser and her mother as they arrived at a suburban Philadelphia courthouse Tuesday morning.

Picking up where he left off Friday, Mesereau questioned Constand about inconsistencies in her police statements and prior testimony. Another line of attack centered on her involvement in a Ponzi scheme.

Cosby is on trial over charges he drugged and molested Constand in 2004.

Mesereau clawed back, making clear to jurors that Constand's answers have varied on the date of the alleged assault, how often she dined out with Cosby, whether she made a point of wearing a cashmere sweater he gifted her to one of their meetings and where she wound up when she visited his room at a CT casino.

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