Embassy vehicle driven by U.S. diplomat kills motorcyclist in Pakistan

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Embassy vehicle driven by U.S. diplomat kills motorcyclist in Pakistan

The Trump administration is planning to impose restrictions on the freedom of movement of the Pakistani diplomats in the U.S. if similar limitations on the United States diplomats in Pakistan are not eased up until May 1, Geo News, a local broadcaster, reported.

The embassy issued a security alert restricting the movement of government personnel in Islamabad.

In the CCTV footage, the diplomat can be clearly seen violating the traffic signal and crashing into the motorbike.

One of the motorcyclists, a 22-year-old student, died, while the other was injured.

Pakistan's Foreign Office has summoned the USA ambassador to Islamabad to lodge a "strong protest" after a motorcyclist was killed in a road crash involving an American diplomat driving an embassy vehicle.

The father of the dead student has called for the driver of the diplomatic vehicle to be arrested and punished.

The Foreign Ministry said "justice will take its course" in accordance with local and global laws.

Earlier on Sunday, the US Embassy in Pakistan extended its condolences to the family of the deceased motorcyclist, adding that the embassy officials were cooperating with the Pakistani authorities engaged in the incident investigation.

About 12 people are killed each day on Pakistan's roads, but the number is lower in Islamabad, with two to three people killed in traffic accidents each week, according to Pakistan's Bureau of Statistics.

U.S. Ambassador David Hale "expressed his deep sympathy and sadness" over the tragic death and "assured that the embassy would fully cooperate in the investigation", the ministry said on April 8.

He claimed they were trying to rob him.

Davis was charged with murder and faced court but was acquitted.

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