Fallin compares striking teachers to teenagers

Fallin compares striking teachers to teenagers

Fallin compares striking teachers to teenagers

"If we're willing to walk this long and this far, what is the Oklahoma legislation (sic) willing to do for our kids?" she told CNN.

At one point in the day, security came outside to address teachers about why the line to get inside the Capitol was moving so slowly.

The state's largest teachers union is leading the movement, and Vice President Katherine Bishop says teachers will keep showing up at the Capitol until lawmakers restore some of the almost $200 million that's been cut from school budgets over the last decade.

"We're willing to [do] this for our kids and we want them to step up to the plate, too". The additional education spending would be paid for by a 6 percent sales tax on a host of services that had previously been tax-free.

According to newspapers in Oklahoma, there are more than 20 districts that will remain closed for at least another day of strikes.

Teachers from Ada and Byng rented a school bus to attend Monday's rally at the capitol. KEA President Stephanie Winker described the militant job actions "unfortunate". The YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City added more staff and extended hours for its before- and after-school programs. While some were on spring break, the rest of the state was shut tight by the walkout, timed to coincide with the final vote in the state senate on the biennial budget.

But one local retired teacher says that's not a good idea.

"We are through correcting their mistakes". "I think our governor has made some inappropriate comments toward us that were sort of derogatory...and then Thursday was the last straw".

Teachers in Kentucky also protested Monday over changes to their pension plans. REUTERS/Nick OxfordTeachers rally outside the state Capitol for the second day of a teacher walkout to demand higher pay and more funding for education in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S., April 3, 2018. Teachers have been filling the Capitol to protest a Ducey plan to provide a 2 percent raise for teachers, and they have been joined by the two Democrats trying to unseat him.

In his speech, Curtis told his fellow students to register to vote as soon as they could, and to vote out of office state lawmakers who won't increase school funding. In both states - also in West Virginia - the governors are Republicans, and the legislatures are controlled by this party, which is opposed to tax increases. The tax cuts have led to budget shortfalls exacerbated by the drop in oil and gas prices. It was the first tax increase in Oklahoma in twenty-eight years. "The biggest class size I have had is this year with kindergartners".

Oklahoma teacher salaries are among the lowest in the country, ranking at 49th, according to the National Education Association. "The amount of support at the Capitol for Western Heights today was incredible because we chose to go the Capitol and rally - against our district's wishes".

The unions are notorious for acquiescing to this type of "whipsawing" which pits workers against each other rather than uniting all sections of the working class against the devastating attacks of the financial elite.

Inspired by educators across the nation and Arizona, several Sahuarita teachers will hold a rally Wednesday to raise awareness about the need to improve education in Arizona and fairly compensate teachers.

Barr noted, "All of us are pretty appalled at the behavior of the elected representatives. And we stand here his morning with the doors closed". "The secrecy is shocking".

John-David Bowman, Arizona's 2015 "Teacher of the Year", considers himself lucky: he can do the job he loves without worrying about supporting his family because of his wife's higher salary.

"Teachers want more", Fallin said. "I understand the frustration, but this is not the way to go about it".

In Frankfort, Kentucky, teachers and other school employees chanted "Stop the war on public education". "Until they do, educators and parents will continue to make their voices heard".

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