Fortnite Adds Vending Machines, Explosives Mode to Battle Royale

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Fortnite Adds Vending Machines, Explosives Mode to Battle Royale

In exchange for materials, vending machines promise "three different deals, rarity and items chosen at random", so reads update v3.4's patch notes. As expected, there's at least one vending machine in almost every named location on the map. If you still can't find a Vending Machine, we have a guide for that too.

As Epic explains in a blog post, this marks the first official Content Update for Fortnite.

The Fortnite vending machine locations can be tricky to find, as Epic Games has hidden them pretty damn brilliantly.

Week 7 battlepass challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale were supposed to go live less than an hour ago, but there seems to be an issue. While there's plenty to pick from around the map, each vending machine is assigned a certain rarity at the start of a match, which means any items on offer will match that rarity. One item will require wood, one stone, and one metal.

Items found in a Common (white) version will cost 100 materials. In order to purchase what one wants, he could either wait for it to show up, or he could hit the Vending Machine with his pickaxe to skip to the next of the three items.

Epic has kept a pretty consistent update schedule for Fortnite, introducing a new patch almost every week.

Items found in a Uncommon (green) version will cost 200 materials.

Items found in a Legendary (gold) version will cost 500 materials.

We'll update you as soon as Epic Games works on a further patch to make things right with the last one.

This content update will also introduce a new limited-time mode, an altered version of the explosive weapon-centric playlist High Explosives.

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