Fortnite experiencing extended downtime after 'critical failure' with database

Many complained about lengthy queue times and error messages.

UpdateOver on the game's subreddit, the developers have posted the following statement.

Epic explained in a post on the Battle Royale mode's subreddit that the studio is now investigating the issues, and according to their most recent update, the studio has possibly found the problem and is working speedily to "bring the game fully back up".

In addition, this might take some time from the developers to fix this particular issue on the game. However, there may be more issues once logged in.

Epic said the culprit is a "database failure", and it's working hard to solve the issue.

Fortnite servers have been down for around 18 with Battle Royale fans left unable to play the hit PS4, Xbox One and iOS Mobile game. We've had this problem ourselves, and even using Epic's one-time password feature didn't help (the system sends you an email with a password you can use to login once). Instead of a more conservative and tactical approach to the game, the returning mode will encourage more strategic plays and grand battles between two massive sides.

It could just be a harmless bit of a joke, poking fun at the stereotype of gamers also being compulsive masturbators, but it could also be backed up by real life data - we just don't know. According to their tweet, "Due to an animation issue with the Guided Missile, we're temporarily disabling it until we have a fix".

(Epic Games)What are the Fortnite week 8 challenges?

It's worth pointing out that this is, as far as we know, an Epic-wide issue and not one just related to Fortnite, but let's be honest: nobody really cares about anything else.

"The Fortnite craze has the same viral feeling as games like Angry Birds or Clash of Clans and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the charts for a very long time to come", says Long.

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