FTC's Facebook Audit Didn't Catch Cambridge Analytica Leaks

FTC's Facebook Audit Didn't Catch Cambridge Analytica Leaks

FTC's Facebook Audit Didn't Catch Cambridge Analytica Leaks

This morning, the Guardian reported that Facebook has moved more than 1.5 billion users out of its worldwide headquarters in Ireland to its main offices in California in order to put those users out of reach of Europe's privacy laws.

Moving users from Facebook Ireland allows Facebook some leniency in applying universal privacy protections. The shift lets Facebook go on unaffected by the EU's new data protection laws.

Now, Facebook is set to legally separate European users from those outside of Europe.

As a whole, Americans are more tolerant of hate speech than others in the world; however, this does not, and should not, permit Facebook to turn a blind eye to the copious amounts of hate speech the Black community, and other vulnerable communities experience on Facebook.

Chances are you hadn't heard of Cambridge Analytica until the Facebook scandal broke. They also stressed the importance of government agencies holding companies accountable and the need for lawmakers to strengthen privacy protections.

This month, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told Reuters that his company would apply the European Union law globally "in spirit", but stopped short of committing to it as the standard for the network across the world. During Zuckerberg's testimony he claimed to be ignorant of what are known as "shadow profiles". Zuckerberg previously said the new privacy law would only apply to other users "in spirit". Such a process infinitely repeated will end up making better connections. In a statement, the company said, "We've simply streamlined the contract location to ensure all members understand the LinkedIn entity responsible for their personal data". Any social cause or business today can not find support and audiences without an online presence. The company restricted the number of third-party companies that can serve and track ads through its advertising exchange and on YouTube. Several bills have already been introduced in Washington that will crackdown on information use and regulate the tech industry and social media giants.

These embedded applications reportedly send information to Facebook without distinguishing if the user has an account on the platform. Facebook was a trailblazer at the time of its birth and set a bad precedent for gaining online consent. Using it, however, requires responsibility and common sense-don't expect someone else to regulate it for you.

Either of the above examples is enough to seriously question the general disposition and integrity of the social media juggernaut. Facebook endorsed it and Zuckerberg told Congress he was open to additional regulation. It is about understating who you are, how you're going to vote, who you're connected to and what their politics is.

After the massive data collection came into light, Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica from its platform.

It is not clear from the report whether the company informed PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which performed the audit, of the Cambridge Analytica data grab that would put Facebook in the crosshairs of U.S. congress. Advertisers could start pairing their own web-tracking data (from "cookies" that follow users online) with potent Google information including search queries, location history, phone numbers and credit card information.

This is the new world we are living in where social media is the new tool for mind control and always saw it coming.

Lastly, in a clear and concise manner, users should be made aware of their privacy terms, including instances when their information will be shared and how the information will be used.

In good news for Facebook, a majority of respondents agreed with their business model with 56% agreeing with the question "I think targeted ads are okay as long as Facebook remains free". Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are so embedded in our lives that if this article is not posted on Facebook, not many people will read it at all.

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