God of War boss on his game's awesome reviews: 'I was crying'

PlayStation's newest game looks to be its best since The Last of Us

God of War Latest Trailer Showcases The Mighty Trolls On PlayStation 4 Pro

With that in mind, here's what you need to know before tackling God of War for PS4. Most of all, it turns what should be an active character into a prop. It's an absolute must-play if you haven't read our review or seen the record-breaking ratings. One can see that so much time and effort went into each pixel to make this game stand out above the rest in graphics alone, it's no wonder that it is scoring so high within the gaming industry.

Nonetheless, it's an impressive achievement for the game, and is good, early marker for just how popular the PlayStation 4 exclusive is. It's an incredible artistic achievement, pushing Sony's PS4 console to the brink to deliver the most handsome game on any platform. They're optional locations that can be accessed by acquiring travel runes found in treasure chests scattered across the game world. These stories, especially those told by Mimir, are incredible, but are put on hold every time you dock your boat. It's a testament to the efficacy of The Last of Us that in one sequence, when Ellie impulsively runs away-just as Natalya would do in GoldenEye 007-the player's response isn't irritation, but fear for her safety. The short film offers a humorous take on what life would be like if someone had to embrace the arrogant, brutal and often misunderstood rage that the God of War is most well known for.

It works at range, too - Kratos is capable of lobbing it at enemies, freezing them in place and dealing huge amounts of damage. "I hope to be able to play it with him and talk to him about it". These combat challenges are gruelling and engrossing, pushing your understanding of the systems to a level that the main narrative never does.

PlayStation's newest game looks to be its best since The Last of Us

As for combat, the latest iteration of God Of War is slightly different in that Kratos now wields the Leviathan Axe instead of the twin blades of the past.

After a little exchange where you only find out that he's a super-powered deity-like figure sent by Odin, you'll have to fight the Stranger and he's a whole lot tougher than he looks. As Kratos is not a loquacious character, the game features minimum dialogues. The game has been receiving flawless scores nearly everywhere, and now has a very respectable rating of 95 on Metacritic.

My favorite moment in the God of War series might be the back-half of God of War II, where you spend a solid five hours cutting through endless enemies, and traversing several inhospitable islands to get to the secluded alcove of the Sisters of Fate.

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