Gov. Cuomo to give parolees the right to vote

Cuomo giving parolees right to vote via executive order

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Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an Executive Order Wednesday restoring voting rights to men and women who are serving parole in New York State. "We work against it as a government", Cuomo said.

He maintained the governor never raised the issue during recent high-level budget negotiations.

Nixon believes that Cuomo has chosen to please conservative lawmakers rather than fight for progressive causes like campaign finance reform, funding public schools and fixing the criminal justice system.

Ned Barone said Cuomo's executive order announced Wednesday could become the first step in reducing recidivism for the 35,000 New Yorkers who have served time for felonies.

Cuomo is also requiring a list of those newly eligible for parole, beginning May 1, said Alphonso David, the governor's counsel, according to the New York Times. The big question is what the consequences will be for NY.

"The Voting Rights Act that Dr. King fought for is being undermined with voting gerrymandering and voting suppression schemes that are being masqueraded over with voter fraud commissions that can't find any fraud because there is none to find", he said.

Nixon said in a tweet hours after Cuomo's announcement that their voting rights should have been restored years ago.

"That is a county-by-county decision, or we would have to change the state law", said Cuomo, D-New York. The public defender said one way to get former inmates back into society is by restoring some of their rights as citizens. And Nixon's support from the small-but-influential WFP could potentially split the Democratic vote if she loses the primary and runs on the WFP ballot in the general election. And GOP Chairman Ed Cox, too, mentioned Bell, calling the order "an outrageous power grab" meant to "appeal to radical primary voters and satisfy his presidential ambitions".

But for now, Cuomo is seeking a third term as governor. Cuomo's actions are purely political, created to appeal to radical primary voters and satisfy his presidential ambitions.

Nixon blasted Cuomo's executive order as an insufficient, transparent response to her challenge from his left flank.

Host Stephen Colbert started the conversation by joking about one of Nixon's campaign refrains: "Why "Cynthia for New York"?"

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