Haley: Russian hands 'covered in blood' from Syria attack

Trump mulls “very tough” military response to Syria attack

Trump mulls “very tough” military response to Syria attack

Emphatic in his condemnation of the apparent gas attack, Trump noted graphic pictures of the dead and sickened, calling the assault "heinous", "atrocious", "horrible" and "barbaric".

Tensions between the USA and Russian Federation have intensified following the attack.

"Experts agree that these players, primarily the American coalition and the US itself, do not intend leaving and leaving Syria to others, as US President Donald Trump said, but they plan to consolidate their positions there for a very long time", Lavrov said at a press conference.

"We must not overlook Russian Federation and Iran's roles in enabling the Assad regime's murderous destruction", she said. "Everybody is going to pay a price".

The situation is being discussed on Monday by the UN Security Council - a group of countries that work together to try to bring peace - and the European Union has called for an "immediate response by the global community".

In the aftermath of the chemical weapons attacks, however, Trump has used a decidedly different tone, lashing out at Iran and Russian Federation for supporting "Animal Assad" and hinting at a "big price" that will be paid.

Initially pointing the finger at Washington, state news agency SANA said the missiles had hit the T-4 airbase in central Syria.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says the U.S.is not ruling out military airstrikes against Syria in response to the government's alleged use of toxic gas against civilians.

US President Donald Trump has promised a "forceful" response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria, as Western leaders consider what action to take. They reportedly agreed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government "must be held accountable for its continued human rights abuses". He said the United States is exploring military options and he will let reporters know his decision "probably after the fact".

Israel fears Iran could use Syria's territory to stage attacks on it.

Paris: Saudi Arabia on Tuesday called for those behind the chemical attack in Syria over the weekend to be brought to justice.

Nebenzia, reflecting earlier warnings from President Vladimir Putin s Kremlin, said: "From what we hear now, I am afraid they are looking for a military option, which is very, very unsafe". They include sea-launched cruise missiles aboard ships within range of Syria.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Monday condemned the suspected chemical attack in Syria that killed dozens in a town near Damascus, saying that "only a monster" could carry out such an attack.

This is the latest string of attacks in Eastern Ghouta, an area in Syria that has been subject to chlorine and sarin gas attacks in the past. Gen. Eitan Ben Eliyahu said the alleged use of chemical weapons "could not have gone without a response".

The Trump administration authorized cruise missile attacks on a Syrian air base in April past year, after declaring the Syrian government responsible for a chemical attack that killed dozens of civilians. The accusation was strongly denied on Sunday by the Syrian government.

The Russian military said on Monday its medics had examined patients in a hospital in Douma and had found no traces of a chemical attack, Interfax news agency reported. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world.

Iran is one of Assad's strongest backers and has sent thousands of troops and allied militiamen to support his forces.

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