Haven't used 'saffron terror', ask those uttered these words: Shivraj Patil

No party leader used the term 'saffron terror': Congress

No party leader used the term 'saffron terror', says Congress

"Today after the verdict, the Congress' face has been exposed as never before", Patra told the media.

Hours after a special court acquitted five accused in the 2007 Mecca Mosque bomb blasts case, former Union Home Minister and senior Congress leader Shivraj Patil came up with evasive answers to queries on the "saffron terror" terminology coined during the UPA regime and also denied having used "these words". "To hide the truth, to change the truth and to change whatever was already submitted in the court through affidavit, this is what Chidambaram and others in the Congress dispensation were doing just in order to prove saffron terror".

Congress spokesperson P L Punia said terrorism is a criminal mentality and it can not be linked to any religion or community.

"Show me a video or a sound bite wherein Rahul Gandhi or any other Congress functionary is seen using the term "Bhagva aatankwad" (saffron terror)". "It is mere rubbish". It is our clear belief that terror can not be linked to any religion or any community or caste. "It is a criminal mentality which leads to criminal activity and it can not be linked to any religion or community", he added.

No party leader used the term 'saffron terror': Congress

Trading insults at the Congress president, Patra asked: "Rahulji, isn't it correct that you met USA ambassador and told him that "We don't fear the SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) but we do fear the Hindus"?"

Punia said that questions remained over how the confessional statements and many other documents went missing from the prosecution's files in the blast case. "And courts always do justice", he added. "The way they are being used for political purposes. these agencies have become rubber stamps of the ruling party", Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad told the media here. "But the court has said that the prosecution has failed to prove the case", Punia added.

Media was barred entry in the courtroom during the pronouncement of the judgement in the high-profile case, dubbed as one of "saffron terror", a term that riled the BJP and Hindu organisations no end.Aseemanand was acquitted a year ago in the 2007 Ajmer Dargah terror attack.

Judge, Ravinder Reddy read out operative portion of the judgement around 11.30am, declaring acquittal of all five accused - Swami Aseemanand head of the Vanvasi kalian Ashram, RSS vibhag pracharak Devendra Gupta, RSS karyakarta Lokesh Sharma, Hindu Vichar Manch member Bharath Mohanlal Rateshwar and Rajendra Chowdhary, a farmer.

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