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According to one of the provisions in UK's upcoming Data Protection Bill, companies should let its users migrate their data from one service to another. Instagram seems to think that rapid feature development is the best distraction.

The picture-sharing platform has never allowed users to download any media direct from its app or website.

We are building a new data portability tool.

After you take the photo, you can do the usual creative stuff like add filters, stickers, text or whatever it is that you usually do in your Instagram Stories. This will make it easier for users to bring their Instagram content with them or save it offline or to a different cloud service to upload to a different social network later if they choose. Since 2010, Facebook has made the option available, but Instagram had offered no such feature. Instagram has been in the news for cloning Snapchat's features for long. It's also not clear whether photos and videos will export in the full quality or they'll be compressed.

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Instagram has launched a Focus mode feature that allows users to blur the background when tapping a photo within the app. It does not allow you to save images, or download the ones you have already posted.

If the recent data privacy debacle involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has you anxious, you wouldn't be alone - the United States' Congress has similar concerns. Not only that, but Instagram also restricts the users from downloading the photos by tapping and saving them. Apart from that, the tool will also allow the users to delete any data they want that is stored on Apple's servers.

Based on the official comment, it sounds like the tool may be limited to the "big" data - image, photos, and messages, leaving other things like follower lists and stories behind.

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