Iranians killed in missile attack on Syrian air base

Syria says suspected US missiles fired at air base Washington denies strike

Iranians killed in missile attack on Syrian air base

The U.S. launched several dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian air base previous year, after a chemical attack in the northern Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun killed dozens of people.

Syrian state media said they were suspected to be USA strikes but the Pentagon formally denied involvement saying it was not conducting air strikes in Syria "at this time".

A Syrian monitoring group says a missile strike on a Syrian air base killed 14 people including Iranians early Monday.

"SICK!" tweeted US President Trump.

In February, Macron had said "France will strike" in the event of a lethal chemical weapon attack on civilians by government forces in Syria.

"I have seen more compassion in [my Jewish neighbors in Antwerp] than in many Syrians we used to consider our brothers, and who are now bombing us with planes, missiles and tanks", said Aboud.

Asked at a cabinet meeting earlier on Monday if Russian President Vladimir Putin bore any responsibility for the attack, Trump said: "He may, yeah, he may".

The toll is likely to rise, said the Union of Medical Care Organizations (UOSSM), a group of global aid agencies. The alleged attack in Douma occurred Saturday night amid a resumed offensive by Syrian government forces after the collapse of a truce.

"Through the relevant channels we already conveyed to the USA that armed force under mendacious pretext against Syria - where, at the request of the legitimate government of a country, Russian troops have been deployed - could lead to grave repercussions", he said.

SANA reported that the missile attack on the T4 military air base in Homs province resulted in a number of casualties.

A defense force in Syria reported that several families were killed by poisonous gas in regions of Douma and Easter Ghouta while many more were hiding out and trying to escape being suffocated by the gas.

Syrian opposition activists and paramedics said at least 40 people were killed in last weekend's suspected chemical attack and blamed the government.

Russian Federation is warning the USA against any "military intervention" in Syria over the government's alleged chemical attack against civilians this weekend, saying any such response would be "unacceptable" and lead to the "most serious consequences".

"From what we hear now, I am afraid they are looking for a military option, which is very, very risky", he said after the United Nations meeting, where he said Russian Federation had investigated the scene in Douma and found no evidence that chemical weapons were used.

The UN Security Council has called an emergency meeting for Monday to discuss the incident amid worldwide outrage over the alleged used of poison gas. He tweeted on Sunday there would be a "big price to pay" and said Russian Federation, its president, Vladimir Putin, and Iran were responsible for enabling "Animal Assad".

The symptoms were consistent with chemical exposure. He said that after conferring with his military advisers, he would soon decide on how to respond, and against whom.

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