Kanye West Is Under Fire for Reportedly Saying He 'Loves' Donald Trump

Candace Owens

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Kanye West - the celebrated rapper, fashion designer, and provocateur - returned to Twitter this week. Jones extended an invitation to West to join him on his self-titled show "to see these control-freak vampires really go insane".

He even tweeted about how much he loves his Tesla. "NOOO WAAAY ... sorry was just looking at a youtube of top 10 anime films", he posted in December of 2011. For example, Big Pun's "Capital Punishment" lays the woes of the ghetto at the feet of a government "system so organized, they'll get to you and who you runnin' with".

As you probably know, Kanye West is back on Twitter and hasn't lost his penchant for dropping random think-bombs for the world to dissect and process. The objective of the site was to build a database of mean comments and cyberbullying, and then tie that activity to users' real-world identities. West's long stage rants during his last tour, the hospitalization that ended that tour, the emotional fallout from the robbery Kim Kardashian endured in Paris, and his unanswerable social-media presences have led some of his fans to express concern that his unpredictable behavior is related to his purported struggles with mental illness (some of which have been reported on by the press, and some of which he's rapped about himself).

Owens, who is in her late 20s, also launched a YouTube channel past year, where she posts videos with titles including "Women marching in America again?" Although far right and so-called alt-right personalities have, in part, based their personas on lambasting the supposedly out of touch, limousine liberal Hollywood elite, conspiracy theorists like Infowars founder Alex Jones and vlogger Paul Joseph Watson are practically frothing at the mouth at the prospect of rubbing elbows with one of the most famous people of a generation.

On Fox and Friends on Monday, Owens said black Americans were experiencing an "ideological civil war" in their communities between some who were "focused on their past and shouting about slavery" and those who were "focused on their futures". The best way to understand Turning Points' style of discourse is that its members once wore adult diapers in public to protest college-campus speech policies. Owens's Twitter bio reads, "Communications Director for @TPUSA".

Like Owens, Adams has supported the right side of the political aisle.

Wait, so Kanye is tweeting again? He famously told the audience of a Hurricane Katrina charity telethon that "George Bush doesn't care about black people", and his flamboyant persona-coupled with an apparent willingness to disrupt awards shows-has frequently made him the target of right-leaning cultural critics, who often depicted him as a bombastic narcissist. "Black Lives Matter Has a List of Demands for White People!", Owens has become a right-wing favorite and appeared at the February 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference. Facebook lied to you.

The Drunk and Hot Girls rapper's newest persona? "He's not a prisoner of the mind", he said on video. "Your grandparents did and it's embarrassing that you utilize their history - you utilize their history, and you come in here with more emotion then they ever had when they were living through it!". "I said 'you're a liar because the people you're aligning yourself with aren't leading with love". West's posting of multiple clips along with the hands-raised-in-celebration emoji certainly looks like an endorsement of this argument. West can be disorganized and grandiose-at televised events, he is prone to eschewing the teleprompter to pontificate extemporaneously-but whether his behavior is pathological is perhaps not exactly our business. Maybe it's a cynical ploy to stir up album buzz. "The truth is that the left wants to strap black people with this idea that they are victims", Owens said.

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