Kingdom Hearts 3 gets new minigames trailer

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Kingdom Hearts 3 gets new minigames trailer

Fans have been waiting in anticipation for an update on Kingdom Hearts 3 and Square Enix has finally fulfilled their wishes.

These Kingdom Hearts 3 minigames look to be inspired by classic Disney LCD games and are a throwback to the days of gaming past.

During an event, Square Enix aired a new trailer showing off Classic Kingdom. The folks over at KH Insider say that there will be more than 20 of these mini games in all.

In fact, they look pretty much look the same as Nintendo's Game & Watch titles, so if you like that, then you'll likely enjoy what the Classic Kingom has to offer.

The newly introduced "Classic World" isn't the main focal point of the reveal, rather the mini-games found within it. It is now confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One and set to release later this year.

Moreover, Square Enix also announced that around 300 players of Kingdom Hearts: Union χ will be selected to have their player names appear somewhere in Kingdom Hearts 3. When you consider that Kingdom Hearts 2 is turning 13 this year, it's hard to blame fans for getting a little antsy about KH3's release date. Perhaps more information will be revealed at E3 2018 which is taking place in the next couple of months.

Kingdom Hearts 3 adds nostalgia to its list of tricks, with its latest mini games addition.

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