Man Arrested For Breaking Into Taylor Swift's New York City Townhouse

Man Breaks Into Taylor Swift's House Showers and Sleeps in Her Bed


This month, another man, this time from CT, robbed a bank and threw money over the fence of Swift's Rhode Island home in the hopes that it would impress the singer. He also said he meant to donate some of the money to the Ansonia Police Department.

Police officials reported on the news on Friday and confirmed that 22-year-old Roger Alvarado was asleep in Swift's home in the Tribeca neighbourhood.

Police found a ladder leading up to a broken window - and Alvarado sleeping in Swift's otherwise empty bed, police sources said.

Who'd be a pop star, eh?

Taylor Swift recently experienced another scary incident involving a unusual man trying to make himself at home in one of the properties she owns.

Not only did Alvarado reportedly take a nap in the home, he showered. On April 10, a man was arrested for attempting to break into Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills mansion while screaming the songwriter's name.

Luckily, the Gorgeous singer wasn't in the property, as she has not lived there yet.

Celebrities often have to deal with obsessed fans and stalkers but for Taylor Swift, one man took things a bit too far.

NYPD have since charged the man with "stalking, burglary, criminal mischief and trespassing". It appears she wasn't there at the time of the break-in. Earlier this week, a second stalker was found with a knife, gloves, rope, ammunition, and prescription medications near the same Beverly Hills property.

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