National manhunt underway for grandmother accused of killing husband and her lookalike

Family says woman was murdered by friend who stole her identity to hide from police

A “Smiling Grandma” Is On The Run After Allegedly Murdering Her Husband And Another Woman

As Riess criss-crosses the country in Hutchinson's Acura, investigators warn she is "armed and risky".

Last month, Riess was accused of fatally shooting her husband David in Minnesota. "Riess' mode of operation is to befriend women who resemble her and steal their identity".

Marceno said Riess befriended 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson and targeted her due to their similar appearance. Riess is also wanted on felony theft charges for allegedly transferring close to $10,000 from a bank account for her husband's business to another of his personal accounts before forging his signature on three checks totaling $11,000.

Updates on the Minnesota homicide will be posted on the Dodge County Sheriff's Office Facebook page and Twitter page.

According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Riess' vehicle was found abandoned in Florida earlier this week and she remains at large. Her last two victims are believed to be killed by the same gun and she may still be in possession of it.

Investigators found that Hutchinson's purse was in "disarray" with any cash, credit cards or identification missing.

Riess is believed to have traveled through the Gulf coast states to Corpus Cristi, Texas, but her current whereabouts are unknown.

Riess, who is considered armed and unsafe, is believed to be driving Hutchinson's white Acura TL with a Florida license plate of Y37TAA.

Her cousin, Daniele Jeffreys, told the news station that Riess' actions were "pure evil... "This is the first time in my career I've seen someone steal someone" s identity and target them for the way they look in order to murder them", Marceno said.

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