'Overwhelmed' Letter Carrier Allegedly Held Onto 17000 Pieces Of Mail

Sixteen-year USPS veteran Aleksey Germash is accused of failing to deliver 17,000 pieces of mail

Sixteen-year USPS veteran Aleksey Germash is accused of failing to deliver 17,000 pieces of mail

Aleksey Germash, 53, allegedly had pieces of undelivered mail at his home in Brooklyn and in his auto and work locker at the Dyker Heights post office.

According to cops, 53-year-old Aleksey Germash was a United States Postal Service (USPS) veteran for 16 years.

Germash was charged Thursday with violating a federal law related to mail delivery and released on $25,000 bond, according to CNN.

The service's Office of Inspector General received a tip this month approximately a Nissan Path Finder parked with mailbags in Brooklyn packed inside. There were about 6,000 pieces in his Brooklyn apartment and another 1,000 in his locker, authorities said.

Germash admitted that the auto was his, police say, and said he didn't deliver the mail because he felt "overwhelmed".

Agents ascertained Mr. Germash, that functioned in the postoffice at the Dyker Heights area of Brooklyn, was the employee who lived closest to in which in fact the auto was found, the complaint said. One of the pieces that authorities discovered was postmarked in 2005, the federal complaint said. Mr. Germash could not be reached on Saturday.

A criminal complaint obtained by CNN says that the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General recently learned about the undelivered mail when a passerby saw Germash's vehicle and multiple bags that seemed to be stuffed to the brim.

The Postal assistance researched 1,364 employee mail scenarios and arrested 409 personnel between October 2016 and also September 20 17, according to this ceremony.

Some of the most egregious cases involve the theft of valuables like jewelry, money orders and bank checks, though abandoning thousands of letters and packages and hoarding them is not unheard-of. Pix11 reports that Germash was arrested the following day.

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