Paul Heyman on Whether or Not CM Punk Could Return to WWE

It went against recent reports that Lesnar was to drop the title to Reigns and clear a path out of the company and head back to the MMA promotion where he once reigned as heavyweight champion. And then there's the Universal Championship situation, which has to improve for the well-being of the Raw brand because in all honesty, Lesnar vs. Reigns last night was probably the worst main event in WrestleMania history.

Speculation about Lesnar's return to the UFC gained traction in late February when White, appearing on Kevin Harvick's SiriusXM NASCAR Radio show, said there was a "very, very, very good" chance that Lesnar would return to the UFC.

Meanwhile, in a highly-anticipated bout, former mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey and RAW General Manager Kurt Angle bested WWE chief operating officer Triple H and his wife RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon in a mixed tag team match.

WrestleMania came and went, and Brock Lesnar is still Universal champion and still with WWE. By the time WrestleMania concluded with Brock beating Roman, it was past midnight on the east coast.

His opponent at WrestleMania 34 is also of the belief this is the last time WWE fans will get a glimpse of Lesnar.

WrestleMania 34, which starting from its 4 p.m. pre-show ended just a bit after hitting the 8-hour mark, was by nearly every metric a triumph.

Cena was forced to sit at ringside as a fan during the opening stages of Wrestlemania 34 as he had promised to do if he did not have a match on the card.

Female competitors Charlotte Flair and Asuka had what was arguably the match of the night.

However, considering Lesnar has still signed a new deal, perhaps the bridges haven't been completely burnt and they could easily put this behind them.

UFC president Dana White as recently as Wednesday confirmed Lesnar would be returning to the UFC.

And when he arrogantly mocked him, Undertaker sat up, caught Cena and defeated him with a huge chokeslam and Tombstone piledriver. The fans rejected a babyface Roman Reigns years ago, and WWE never pivoted.

While WWE seems content to divide its fanbase with heroes like Reigns who many loyal followers of wrestling despise and villains like The Miz who are routinely cheered, it has also never been more inclusive.

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