Ragin' Cajun Catholics put on live Stations of the Cross

Christ on the cross

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"In the place I was, it can last six hours".

Harold Meier of Eastlake, carries a wooden cross between stations during the Annual Good Friday Willoughby Cross Walk on March 30.

"I hope they understand what Christ went though in his passion and always come back to it no matter where they're at", he said. Members of Catholic Church took out a procession near Satyanagar to educate people on the suffering of Jesus Christ for the hu- manity.

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The holy event started with a series of readings, prayers, and music.

Kota Kinabalu: Thousands of Christians observed Good Friday at churches throughout the State.

"It teaches the fact that, He did a lot more stuff than we did, and we should do some stuff so we know how He felt", Walker Natalia Palma said.

As we also pointed out a year ago, businesses and workplaces and many government agencies at all levels treat Good Friday as just another working day, leaving it up to numerous faithful to keep Good Friday their hearts, or take a personal day from work, if possible.

Alice Salinas said: "It gave me closure of things I was fighting". Jesus who died on the cross for the sins of people on this day rose again three days later.

The church will also be gathering on Resurrection Sunday, or more commonly known as Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, an event in history that is key to Christianity's core beliefs.

Even though the weather isn't ideal, people say this is an Easter season tradition that they just can't miss.

Andover United Methodist Church Associate Pastor Jason Hockran helped organize the cross walk that has been occurring for two decades.

In Orwell, three different groups of people, a total of about 50, met in the village square after starting at three different spots east, west and south of the square before gathering to walk to North Presbyterian Church.

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