Rivlin leads 'March of the Living' in Poland on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Rivlin leads 'March of the Living' in Poland on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Rivlin leads 'March of the Living' in Poland on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan will join hundreds in London this Sunday to mark Yom HaShoah, marking Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Thirty-one percent of all adults and 41 percent of millennials believe two million Jews or fewer were killed during the Holocaust.

The Claims Conference said there are "critical gaps both in awareness of basic facts as well as detailed knowledge of the Holocaust" in American society, stressing that US schools must provide more comprehensive education on the crimes.

The Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Study found that 58 percent of Americans believe that something like the Holocaust could happen again. Among the notable results, the study found that over one-fifth (22%) of young Americans have never heard about the Holocaust or were unsure what it was.

Some 10,000 Jews of all ages, along with Poles and Holocaust survivors are expected to participate in the march in memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust - including the 1.5 million who perished at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

Americans today have large gaps of knowledge or are ignorant to the history and consequences of the Holocaust, some 73 years since Nazi Germany's atrocities became known to the world, according to a survey commissioned by a Jewish organization which works to compensate survivors. Over one million Jews were killed or died at the camp in addition to tens of thousands from other minority groups, including Polish citizens, Roma, Soviet prisoners, homosexuals and the disabled.

The study also revealed that nearly half of Americans (45%) can not name a single concentration camp, with an even higher percentage among adults aged 18-34.

Around two-thirds (68 percent) of Americans believe there is anti-Semitism in the USA today, and a majority (51 percent) think there is either a great deal of (17 percent) or many (34 percent) neo-Nazis in the country today.

Schoen Consulting conducted the February 23-28 survey of 1,350 US adults by phone and online.

The study found that the vast majority of respondents support Holocaust education.

Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the Claims Conference, said, "There remain troubling gaps in Holocaust awareness while survivors are still with us; imagine when there are no longer survivors here to tell their stories".

"We have a responsibility to convey the lessons of the Holocaust to future generations, and together as Americans, we have a moral obligation to combat antisemitism, confront hate and prevent genocide", Trump said in a statement. Only 37 percent of people were able to identify Poland as a country where the Holocaust occurred, even though at least 3 million Jewish citizens of Poland were murdered during WWII.

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