Several cited for drugs after police respond to loud party

Greenwich police officers

Sandwich police reports

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Officers arrested a 79-year-old man who citizens had reported walking around with a gun in his hand in Fairfield Friday, police said today.

While officers were at the home, the dark colored van returned, and a person inside the van fired multiple shots at the officers and resident. That case created an uproar within the police department when a supervisor ordered the officer to stop chasing the vehicle with the suspected gunman.

Once officers arrived, they attempted to negotiate with Miller for almost half an hour.

Police attempted to get Moran out of the vehicle, but he began to drive off causing the officer step away from the vehicle to prevent from being dragged, according to court documents.

We've learned officers hit the ground, and they did not return fire.

They got into a fight with the homeowner, and at least one shot was sacked, according to police.

Neither the Cleveland police officers nor the Decker Avenue residents were hurt in the shooting, Ciaccia said.

Battle Creek police were called at 1:55 a.m. Thursday to investigate a report of several gunshots in the Washington Heights neighborhood.

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