Shenmue I & II Priced At $29.99, Featuring Achievements

Shenmue I and II Price Price Revealed Achievements Support Confirmed

Shenmue I & II Priced At $29.99, Featuring Achievements

The games will be available to pre-order soon through first-party stores with Steam and other retailers shortly thereafter.

If Shenmue III passing its Kickstarter and getting a full release wasn't enough, we are now getting Shenmue I & II remastered in all its glory for the next gen. The series, which debuted on SEGA's Dreamcast system in 1999, will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC later this year.

This re-release is expected to stay true to the original games while affording the modern conveniences of scaleable resolution, a choice of modern or classic control schemes, and an updated user interface. One of these is definitely the mechanics that allowed to fast forward the time in the second chapter, absent in the first chapter Shenmue and also in its HD version.

The publisher made the announcement during the Sega Fes event in Japan, to much celebration from the fans who have followed the series since its Dreamcast days. Their release was announced yesterday, and according to the commentary, Sega, the new edition of Shenmue 1 and 2 are not simple reprints, and improved.

The release will be a double pack offering both games in one nice neat package and will allow players to play catch-up ahead of Shenmue 3. These revolutionary masterpieces deliver a gripping story of retribution as Ryo Hazuki sets out to avenge his father's death and attempts to unravel the secrets behind a mysterious artefact known as the Dragon Mirror.

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