Spotify And Hulu Shake Hand For $13 Subscription Plan

Spotify And Hulu Shake Hand For $13 Subscription Plan

Spotify And Hulu Shake Hand For $13 Subscription Plan

Those that are already Spotify Premium Subscribers can take advantage of the offer now, but if you're using the free account you'll need to wait until this summer when the deal is extended. Of course, it's also fantastic news for any cord-cutters who already pay for both services, as this saves you $5 a month. The offer gives users an initial three-month Hulu subscription for $0.99 cents, and then begins charging the monthly combined price of $12.99.

The Verge are reporting that Spotify have been working on voice commands on their app and have joined the dots to conclude that the announcement will be an in-car controller for the streaming service that would allow drivers to control music playback with their voice.

"Our student launch with Hulu was incredibly well received and we are excited to extend our reach by bringing Hulu to more of our Premium members in the USA", said Alex Norstrom, Chief Premium Business Officer at Spotify.

For the time being, like with the student plan, the offer is only available to existing Spotify Premium subscribers. Alex Norstrom, a Spotify executive, said in a statement Wednesday that the bundled package was "incredibly well received".

Still, it's a nice little bonus for music-loving gamers. Users of Spotify's ad-supported free service are unable to listen to every song in the library on-demand, as paid users can, but they can listen to most major playlists and songs on shuffle.

Today, we are the worlds largest global music streaming subscription service with a community of over 157 million users, including over 71 million Spotify Premium subscribers, across 65 markets. They'll be able to try out the Hulu subscription for $10.99 - just one dollar more per month.

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