Stormy Daniels files motion to have Trump testify about alleged relationship

Stormy Daniels says she was physically threatened when she first tried to talk

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If the motion had been approved, it would have been the first deposition of a sitting USA president since former President Bill Clinton in 1998 when he had to answer questions about his encounter with Paula Jones.

Her attorney Michael Avenatti said he plans to re-file the request once attorneys for Trump and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, file their formal response to Daniels' lawsuit trying to nullify a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed a year ago.

Cohen has said then-candidate Trump was unaware that he was making a payment to the porn star in exchange for her signing a non-disclosure agreement to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter that occurred in 2006.

Jeffrey Cohen said that the judge might be more likely to order Trump's deposition if there is an open question about whether he was aware of the agreement when it was signed, as that could determine its validity. This could detrmine if laws were broken by Mr. Cohen, President Trump, or the Trump Campaign.

Mr Avenatti is just one on a growing list of lawyers looking to question Mr Trump.

Daniels is not the only woman accusing Trump.

Cohen has said Daniels made defamatory statements about him in an interview broadcast on Sunday on CBS News' 60 Minutes. "It's a nondisclosure agreement between EC, LLC, the LLC that was created by Michael Cohen, and Stormy Daniels - and the clause says "and or" so even though there was a line for David Dennison "and/or" so it could be "and/or" the EC, LLC or David Dennison", Schwartz said.

A hearing before Judge S. James Otero in the federal court's Central District in Los Angeles is set for April 30.

The documents, however, don't reveal what stories exactly the president wanted to track, but say the payment was for 'Support - Management: Public Relations'.

Harry Rimm, a white-collar litigation lawyer and partner with Sullivan & Worcester in NY and a former federal prosecutor, also mentioned the state ethics rules when asked about Schwartz's comments about Michael Cohen.

Daniels' friend and fellow adult film actress Alana Evans, who has publicly tried to corroborate Daniels' claims of an affair, also said she will file her own defamation claims by the end of the month. According to the outlet, the Executive Office of the President authorized a payment of $27,075 to a company called TVEyes on Wednesday, March 7.

Daniels said she was pressed to sign the document and her legal team now says the agreement is invalid because it was never signed by Trump.

The verbose commander in chief has posted more than 2,900 times on Twitter since taking office, using the term "FAKE NEWS" to describe everything from the Russian Federation inquiry and allegations of chaos in the White House to harassment accusations, the size of his inaugural crowds and heated arguments with world leaders. The man allegedly told her she - and her young child - would be in danger if she didn't stop talking about Trump.

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