Stormy Daniels Releases Sketch of Man She Says Threatened Her

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months over his business dea

Stormy Daniels Releases Sketch of Man She Says Threatened Her

Stormy Daniels revealed the sketch of the man she claims threatened her on Tuesday during an interview on the daytime talk show "The View".

She told "The View", "I didn't tell my husband at the time, I was embarrassed".

Avenatti says they are now offering $100,000 for information leading to the man's identification.

One of the biggest news stories of 2018 has been in regards to Donald Trump's alleged affair with adult film star #Stormy Daniels and the hush money that was paid to keep her quiet by the president's lawyer.

Co-host Meghan McCain then pressed Stormy Daniels on if she was making herself available to the public because she wanted to become more famous.

She said that as she walked around her auto, she dropped a toy belonging to her infant daughter who was in vehicle. "Taking, you know, the seats facing backwards in the backseat, diaper bag, you know, gettin" all the stuff out. She also said this relationship isn't what she wants to be known for. Forget the story." The man then cryptically added, "That's a lovely little girl.

Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, said she did not report the threat at the time because she would have had to reveal the alleged affair and she was afraid. "I think yesterday, because you didn't have anything to do with the case, it seemed like you were just trying to get attention - which I understand that you're being sued by our president, but it does seem like you're benefitting a lot", McCain said.

The email also has a link to Trump's website, where people can leave birthday wishes to the first lady. "Forget the story, '" she said during an interview on 60 Minutes last month. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, "As a Forensic artist for the Houston Police Department in Texas, her visionary talent has helped to positively identify 751 criminals and secure over 1,000 convictions". Daniels' lawyer said Trump will not see that money.

"For years, Mr. Cohen has acted like he is above the law", Daniels told reporters outside the hearing. According to Daily Beast, the man was "handsome and fit with sandy brown, slicked-back hair".

Daniels described the man as white and between 5-foot-8 and 6 feet in height, in his 30s or early 40s.

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