Syrian Army Tells ISIS to Leave or Else

A Syrian army soldier holds his weapon as he climbs stairs at Harasta highway outside Jobar in Damascus Syria

A Syrian army soldier holds his weapon as he climbs stairs at Harasta highway outside Jobar in Damascus Syria

The War Media, the media wing of the Syrian army, said the shelling started against the terror-labeled militants in Yarmouk Camp.

Physicians for Human Rights, a US -based rights group, voiced "grave concern" over reports that Douma hospital staff had faced "extreme intimidation" after the area came back under government control to stop them talking about the incident.

Assad is accelerating his campaign to retake the remaining enclaves his forces encircle around Syria, which would leave rebels with only their two major strongholds in the northwest and southwest.

Recovering the Yarmouk camp and neighbouring areas south of the city would give Assad complete control over Syria's capital.

Below the deal, Islamic State (IS) group fighters, who management a part of the enclave, will depart for territory the group controls in japanese Syria, whereas different factions depart for opposition territory within the north, state media reported.

Sporadic shelling persisted, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor said.

The observatory said there were also talks under way between Russian Federation and rebels over the fate of an enclave in central Syria around the town of Rastan. The Observatory stated it was as a result of among the IS group fighters nonetheless rejected the deal.

Residents trickled out to neighboring areas, and the camp's population dwindled from an estimated 200,000 people to a few thousand today, not including the ISIS militants, who took over the camp after a battle with rebels in 2015.

Syria has been struggling to put an end to a civil war since 2011, with terrorist groups taking part in the conflict.

The pro-government commander said the army had prepared for military action in the Eastern Qalamoun, but that Russian Federation was working on securing the rebels' withdrawal without a battle.

1000's of civilians, together with the fighters' households, are anticipated to go away with them for northern Syria earlier than the areas come again underneath Assad's rule underneath offers just like others carried out throughout the nation as authorities forces advance.

The UN has voiced concern that such "evacuations" involve the displacement of civilians under threat of reprisals or forced conscription, though the regime denies that. The government denies that.

News correspondent Dan Rivers, reporting from Damascus, said: "We've been watching for several hours this afternoon and this evening this intense artillery barrage and airstrikes pummeling this area".

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