Teachers get bats to fight school shooters

Teachers take pre-school classroom on wheels to Federal Heights                      Major King

Teachers take pre-school classroom on wheels to Federal Heights Major King

Others have suggested hardening campuses with bulletproof glass, metal detectors and extra security.

In response to recent school shootings, a Pennsylvania school district has made a decision to arm its teachers with baseball bats.

In the case of Millcreek, the bats are more "symbolic" but are free to be used to "fight", district Superintendent William Hall told the Times-News and Erie News Now.

Secularism is not neutral, Sears said, but is one of many beliefs systems.

"We're just making sandwiches and in the process of feeding some of our children in the community that we feel would have been, maybe not had food this week", said Shelby Koonce, sack lunch volunteer and former superintendent for the school district of Hugo, Oklahoma. "We didn't talk about the other options of running or barricading... and how do you defend yourself".

"I'm glad that they bought us those sack lunches and stuff", said Corey, a fifth-grader.

He stressed that introducing bats to classrooms should not be misconstrued as arming teachers, but is instead about "providing our rooms with one consistent tool to be utilized in an emergency".

She also wrote on Facebook about expecting to hear from parents after sending out report cards, while not hearing from them during the weeks and weeks of assignments leading up to the progress reports.

But one mother doesn't see the point to introducing the bats.

With a total cost of less than $2,000, the bat plan is likely less expensive and controversial than fully arming teachers.

"I am extremely excited for the opportunity to get back to Cushing".

Barish described the bats as the size of a souvenir.

"I definitely saw it as a safe space", said freshman Phyre Gonzales.

Karen Munson, who has a son in eighth grade in the district, told ABC News she is completely in favor of having these bats in the classrooms.

"I had a student who I had an issue with and chose to call his mom while at school and she was disrespectful and rude to me on the phone in front of her son", she said.

The teacher on his part agrees to keep his school open six hours each school day; keep carefully the register required by law; preserve from injury to the utmost of his power the District property; give said school his entire time and best efforts during school hours; use his utmost influence with parents to secure a full attendance of scholars and generally to comply with all the requirements of the law of this state in relation to teachers, to the best of his ability.

Teaching about religions builds empathy, could dispel fear of the unknown, and helps students better understand history, literature, art, politics and philosophy, said the panellists, which included a First Nations knowledge keeper, a rabbi, an Anglican minister, an Ismaili Muslim and a Sunni Muslim. His school put the devices in its classrooms.

The district outside of Erie also had added additional security measures at school entrances.

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