Trump invites Putin to US

Wess Mitchell

GETTYWess Mitchell warned that Turkey could face US sanctions for making'concessions to Moscow

"We are proceeding from the fact that the U.S. president in a telephone conversation - that was made public, there is no secret about this - sent such an invitation and said that he would be happy to see (Putin) in the White House and then to meet him during a reciprocal visit".

The news agency quoted Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying Trump returned to the subject of an invitation a couple of times during a phone call with Putin.

The Russian official also revealed that Vladimir Putin is "ready" for a meeting with Donald Trump that was recently discussed in a phone conversation between the two leaders.

Trump proposed a White House summit when he called Putin last month, prior to the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from the US.

Lavrov criticised the US-led missile strikes on Syria last week as they undermined the Geneva talks for the Syrian settlement under the auspices of the United Nations at a time when Russia, Turkey and Iran very closely approached the resumption of the Geneva process. "We also hear this".

White House national security adviser John Bolton told Russia's ambassador on Thursday that better relations between the two countries required addressing USA concerns on election meddling, a chemical attack in Britain, and the situations in Ukraine and Syria, the White House said.

"'What is important is that certain principles should be observed in this trade, first of all, the non-delivery of destabilizing armaments, the refusal to deliver weapons to non-state entities and that competition should be fair and unblemished and not based on illegally obtained advantages of unilateral sanctions", the Russian foreign minister stressed.

Lavrov also said that earlier, Russian Federation had decided not to supply its modern S-300 air defense system to Syria following the request of Western countries, which said the move could destabilize the situation, although the system is purely defensive.

Russian Federation has relatively warm ties with North Korea, with which it shares a small land border.

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