Uber is not just for hailing rides anymore

Uber is not just for hailing rides anymore

Uber is not just for hailing rides anymore

As a start, today we're excited to share a series of product updates that give riders more ways to get around without needing a vehicle, and new ways we're collaborating with cities.

Khosrowshahi also announced products aimed at urban planners and city officials.

Cab aggregator Uber has launched a new app for its drivers globally based on inputs received from these partners, including those from India.

"Having a greater variety of transportation modes at your fingertips helps make it increasingly easy to live without a auto". Jump bikes have an integrated GPS and payment system. The plan is to eventually roll out Uber Rent to other cities, but Zaid declined to comment on the specifics.

Jump bikes will be available through Uber's app.

Khosrowshahi recently explained that bike sharing is a mode of transportation that is the most affordable for some people.

"With cars available instantly for rent in the Uber app, fewer people will need to store them in garages for those sporadic grocery store runs, daytime adventures, or weekend getaways", Uber said.

In a partnership with car-share startup Getaround, Uber Rent connects users to nearby cars through the Uber app. If people can reliably know when a bus will show up, he said, "we think that's going to drive use and ultimately that's going to make it even better to live in a city like this one".

What Khosrowshahi hasn't said is when Uber might resume testing its autonomous cars again or what changes it will make to the way it tests these cars to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Uber has long billed itself as much more than a ride-hailing service.

The upcoming service is part of Uber's push to become a hub for all your transportation needs.

The new app in India is now available to select driver partners in Kochi and courier partners in Chennai and will be rolled out in a phased manner across the country over the coming months, Uber said in a statement. The transit agency, which is struggling amid chronic safety and reliability issues and has faced falling ridership due to faltering reliability, as well as increased competition from Uber, Lyft and other services. The partnership will allow Uber users to book and use transit tickets in the application. The move comes as part of the ride-hailing company's ongoing efforts to improve its relationship with its drivers, and follows Uber's 180 Days of Change program, which was launched past year to address improvements sought by drivers.

"If you really want to provide something that can replace the auto in people's lives, you want to have more than ride-sharing", says Andrew Salzberg, Uber's transportation policy chief. In February, the first full month of operation, Jump says the company saw around four trips for each of its 250 bikes a day at an average distance of 2.6 miles per trip.

Uber's expansion doesn't just stop at these updates.

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