Vietnam Veterans Honored In Pittsfield

McCain has feuded with Trump who as a candidate mocked McCain's time in a POW camp

McCain has feuded with Trump who as a candidate mocked McCain's time in a POW camp

"It's the National Vietnam War Veterans Day, and we want people to know about it", said Herb Duncan, with the Honor Flight. US involvement in Vietnam started slowly with an initial deployment of advisors in the early 1950s, grew incrementally through the early 1960s and expanded with the deployment of full combat units in July 1965.

On March 29, 1973, the final combat troops withdrew from Vietnam and the last prisoners of war returned to American soil. The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 further established the events as a national observance to recognize Vietnam War-era veterans for their service. Each veteran received a lapel pin in recognition of their service.

First-quarter growth sagged previous year after Samsung - which accounts for about 25 percent of Vietnam's overall exports - announced a massive recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phone over an exploding battery debacle.

Some veterans, including Harold Redding from Spring Grove, said honoring Vietnam War veterans is "long overdue".

Borrego is just one of 127 El Pasoans listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. who were killed in action during the war.

"Even though they were on Easter break, they showed up to play for us", he said of the band members, adding that the nation's Vietnam veterans are dedicated to this new national holiday.

Conley's friend, Randy Wagner said he's visited the Vietnam Wall four times. "This is just one way of repaying them and recognizing them", said Ken Kackley with Lebanon VFW Post 5015. He said he supported the war, but he recalls the toll it took and the way the conflict divided America like no other since the Civil War. He never came home.

"When we do something like this, it kind of brings some justice for those Vietnam veterans", said Wilson County Veterans Services director Michael McPherson. It's a different world now where veterans are recognized more readily which is a good thing, Wallace said.

"If you know a Vietnam veteran, I can't tell you what it means to shake their hand and say thank you", he said. "No matter what the weather, you are always there for the service men and women and to this end, we salute you and thank you for a job well done", John Harding read off the plaque.

Veteran outreach specialists with the Veterans Health Administration and Veterans Benefits Administration were also in attendance to assist veterans with connecting to VA services and programs.

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