Amazon Alexa developers get eight new voices

Amazon Alexa developers get eight new voices

Amazon Alexa developers get eight new voices

With Amazon Polly, your contact centers can engage customers with natural sounding voices.

For instance, if coders were to create interactive audio stories for Alexa, they could use the new voices to represent different characters, Amazon said.

Amazon is giving this choice to developers through their Polly text-to-speech service. With voice becoming a more popular input, businesses can use Polly to differentiate their offerings on Alexa. Developers can also use multiple voices in a single skill. Using Amazon Polly, you can choose a different voice for any utterance by using the Structured Speech Markup Language (SSML) and specifying an Amazon Polly voice using the "voice name" tag. Even if you are not selected for the preview, we'll let you know when more information about using Amazon Polly voices in Alexa skills is available.

Academics discovered that they could register voice assistant apps (called "skills" by Amazon and "actions" by Google) that trigger on very similar phrases. Amazon Polly makes it easy to request an additional stream of metadata with information about when particular sentences, words and sounds are being pronounced.

The entire idea of a voice masquerading attack is to prolong the interaction time of a running app but without telling the user. Skills that drive high customer engagement can also lead to a payday for developers through Alexa Developer Rewards.

Amazon now has a number of different voices with different dialects and accents developers can now bundle into their skills, according to the company's website.

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