Android P will stop apps snooping on users

Android P will stop apps snooping on users

Android P will stop apps snooping on users

But if Google is able to bring Android TV hardware prices down and get app makers onboard, that doesn't leave much room for Chromecast, and that's all the better for Google's living-room strategy. There are a few limitations to keep in mind, though. If you like them a whole lot and don't want to swipe up to access them, you can even save them to your home screen. One of the most exciting things was the inclusion on non-Google devices for the first time.

This will all soon change as Google with the greater restrictions in the upcoming Android P software. Unlike the earlier versions, pressing the volume up or down button will control the media volume and not the ringer volume. For example, if it's time to go to work it will suggest map routes to get there along with suggesting a range of songs you'd like to listen while on the way. But be forewarned: in order to go back to Android Oreo you will need to completely wipe your phone. It's not MIUI-based so there aren't any new features not already available on the Google Pixel devices.

After turning on the feature, the Overview button (the square one) or the Recents key in Android will vanish and be replaced by two redesigned buttons. This device will have all the capabilities of the Google Home smart speakers, but will also be able to play YouTube videos, make video calls, check the weather, and do a variety of other actions, all powered by the more powerful Google Assistant AI. When the major revamp in Google News appearance hit the computer screens and mobiles last time in July 2017, several publishers had to scurry for cover and many had been wiped out of the Google News.

The I/O 2018 keynote was a revelation in many ways for Google and one of them was an update to Google Photos.

"They're also letting the beta run on more third-party phones", he told TechNewsWorld.

Android P is also about improving suggestions and making it simpler to help you perform the next action without going through too many steps in between.

The Wear OS rebrand in March simply gave Google's wearable platform a new name.

Dashboard splits apart your time spent using each app, allowing you to set timers that alert you when you've passed the allotment. It means that you must take a backup of your device to ensure that you don't end up losing your critical data in the process.

At Google I/O today, CEO Sundar Pichai said these controls are all part of the company's new "digital wellbeing" initiative, which is created to help consumers keep their tech habits in check.

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