Apple Revokes Approval of Steam Link App Citing 'Busines Conflicts'

Apple Revokes Approval of Steam Link App Citing 'Busines Conflicts'

Apple Revokes Approval of Steam Link App Citing 'Busines Conflicts'

Steam, the dominant online store for downloaded games played on Windows PCs, had planned to release a free mobile phone app called Steam Link so that gamers could continue playing on their mobile phones while away from their desktop machines. The app was originally touted as a way for gamers to "experience their Steam library of games on their iOS devices" while connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Apple has now removed Steam Link from the iOS and Apple TV stores, leaving Android as the only platform with the application. And we say was, because the app has been rejected by Apple.

A press statement was later issued by Valve, explaining the issue surrounding the missing Steam Link app. The following morning, Apple revoked its approval citing business conflicts with app guidelines that had allegedly not been realized by the original review team.

It goes on to state that Valve attempted to appeal the decision, adding that many similar remote desktop streaming apps exist on the App Store, to no avail. "But we hope Apple will reconsider in the future".

Valve's massive Steam gaming platform has been dubbed the "iTunes of video games", and its presence on iOS would create competition for games made natively for iOS. We doubt the company wants to use a device for which Steam Link isn't and might never be available to promote the service. Analysts believe those purchases are among the primary drivers of revenue in Apple's services business, which includes the App Store, iCloud and Apple Music.

So that developers can not sidestep these fees, Apple demands that all purchases must be made through the App Store. To oversimplify, it's remote desktop software that's fast enough to actually play games over. These transactions take place outside of the App Store, so Apple doesn't get its cut.

Earlier this month, Valve announced a somewhat unexpected feature coming to its Steam ecosystem.

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