Boy Scouts changes name to accommodate girls

Baden-Powell founder of the Boy Scouts and Mrs. Powell

Baden-Powell founder of the Boy Scouts and Mrs. Powell

"I think a lot of our programs are gender-neutral, but we'd just always been the 'Boys Scouts, ' " he said.

The change will take effect in February of next year.

The name change announcement also comes as the organization unveils their fall recruiting campaign themed "Scout Me In" that focuses on diversity and inclusion.

Some say that declining BSA membership among young men has helped spur the change in membership policy.

More than 3,000 girls have also enrolled in the BSA's Early Adopter Program since the organization announced in October that it would welcome girls, the BSA said. Scouts BSA will begin accepting girls into the program next year.

To explain: Cub Scouts-which has already started welcoming girls in some dens-is a program for 7 to 10 year olds.

The new name? Scouts BSA, the outlet said.

What about the girl Scouts?

One has to wonder why efforts are not being made to reform both organizations so they can retain their original names, cater to the specific members and offer similar activities.

"Our experiences are created for and with girls", said Andrea Bastiani Archibald, the Girl Scouts' Chief Girl and Family Engagement Officer. All Cub Scout dens will remain single-gender and use the same Boy Scout curriculum as in years past.

The change is meant to make scouting more inclusive, according to the BSA.

"They will have a program for girls and for boys where they'll be able to pursue a pass to Eagle Scouts and requirements will not change". "There is no organization that more thoroughly understands the value of programming designed specifically for girls".

The parent group, Boy Scouts of America, and the Cub Scouts will keep their names the same, but Cub Scouts will be kicking off the "Scout Me In" campaign to include both boys and girls in their program.

As for the Girl Scouts, the organization said they did not see this move coming. "That's why we're the best leadership development organization for girls in the world". "We both need to increase our membership numbers".

The Boy Scouts claim to have 2.3 million members, which is down from 2.6 million in 2013, and a peak of 4 million in the past. "If it's not them, it might be us".

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