Cheaper, lighter Microsoft Surface tablets may be coming this year

Microsoft Surface price release date for the cheap version

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According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is planning to release some low-priced Surface tablets later this year.

Surface revenue slumped 2%, which commentators claims is a result of the comparatively ageing Surface Pro line.

Apple's iPad business generated revenues of nearly $20 billion in the a year ago through sales of over 40 million iPads, according to Bloomberg.

Citing "people familiar with the matter", Bloomberg suggests that pressure to find a "high-volume hit" rivaling iPad unit sales has compelled the company to redesign Surface to be more like the iPad.

While the new Windows 10 + Qualcomm initiative may have some potential this year, today's news of a Microsoft tablet refresh is a Bloomberg borefest of a rumor.

Microsoft shares are down 0.3% to $97.04. What's more, these new tablets will feature USB-C connectivity instead of Micro-USB, something the Surface 3 featured instead of Microsoft's proprietary charging port. Microsoft is planning to introduce different models including 64GB and 128GB of internal storage and there will be models that can connect to LTE cellular networks, sources close to the development told the publication.

The last time Microsoft made smaller-sized tablets, they weren't very successful.

Microsoft's always taken a premium approach to its Surface line, showing users what its operating system can do when run on top of the line hardware. There are reports we may get smaller and cheaper Surface Tablets in the near future. The display is framed by a bezel with rounded corners, supposedly not unlike those of the iPad, in what marks a big departure from the rectangular design of Microsoft's flagship tablet. The Surface Pro has square edges. The upcoming device will sport a 10-inch screen. It is also said that the company is also working on cheaper versions of keyboard covers, stylus and mouse for the tablets.

The latest incarnation of the tablet integrates with Apple Pencil and features over 200,000 education dedicated apps.

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