Check out WhatsApp's exciting new features for group chats

Check out WhatsApp's exciting new features for group chats

Check out WhatsApp's exciting new features for group chats

Available to both iOS and Android users, the new features include a Slack-style "group catch up" option, and it is also possible to add a description to group chats, and search for individual participants.

Now, with the new WhatsApp 2.18.151 update, when you've been gone or simply didn't open the group chats to check for what's new there, you'll be able to see only the messages that mentioned you or were direct replies to you.

The popular instant messaging app has rolled out new features for WhatsApp groups.

The second new change will allow admins of the group chat to choose whether or not to restrict changes to the icon, subject, and description.

Inside the group info page, members can now search for other group participants.

Apart from these features, group admins can even remove admin permissions of other group participants. Users can not be repeatedly added to a Group that they have quit.

The first change in the latest update of WhatsApp gives groups a brief description. Here, one thing very important is that the other group admin can not remove the creator of the group from it.

The first change gives groups a brief description to help clarify the goal and guidelines for the group chat. On Tuesday, WhatsApp announced several new features that are coming to WhatsApp groups, something that has became more and more relevant in India, socially and politically. WhatsApp is also adding a participant search tool, which makes finding individuals easier. One new feature allows for a description of the group to be posted.

These features are available for Android and iPhone users today. By clicking the button, the users can enjoy this feature.

We've all been away from our phone, either leaving it somewhere in the house or not having signal and then come back to it to find a whole string of messages that we've missed.

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