Elon Musk's Underground LA Tunnel 'Almost Done,' Free Demo Rides Coming

Elon Musk Shows Off Almost Finished Boring Company Tunnel

Elon Musk's subterranean LA tunnel is almost ready – and he's offering free rides

The technology mogul, whose companies include Tesla and SpaceX, said on Thursday over Twitter that he's nearly finished building a tunnel under a Los Angeles suburb that will be used to test the system. Boring Company is seeking approval to tunnel into western Los Angeles. The future price for a ride will be a little lower than a bus ticket.

The general idea is that the capsules will be able to transport cars and pods containing eight to 16 people through tunnels with entry and exit points once every mile. An environmental review exemption was approved unanimously by the LA City Council's public works committee in April; construction of the tunnel by Boring Co. has since been very efficient. "A big thank you to everyone who helped in this project", wrote Elon Musk in Instagram. In August 2017, he posted a video of a Tesla auto entering the tunnel via an elevator.

Musk needs to get the final regulatory approvals before offering rides to the public. Musk posted ideas about the tunnel in December of 2016, tweeting "Traffic is driving me nuts" and that he was going to "build a tunnel".

"Super huge thanks to everyone that helped with this project", Musk said on Instagram.

In typical Musk fashion, he didn't release other details. "Strong support from public, elected officials & regulators is critical to success". Musk has said prior that they can outpace a jet engine.

Musk, the brains behind SpaceX and Tesla, created the company to drill holes beneath Los Angeles to provide another means of transportation and alleviate the city's infamous traffic congestion.

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