Gas prices spike as Memorial Day weekend nears

Traffic caused by the Wando Bridge closure last Monday. Residents could experience similar backups trying to get out of town

Traffic caused by the Wando Bridge closure last Monday. Residents could experience similar backups trying to get out of town

"As we get closer to Memorial Day, is when stations will increase their prices because they know so many people will be getting out these next couple days, so certainly if you haven't filled up already, we recommend that you try to fill up now" said Michael Blasky.

Gas is the highest it has been since 2014, though it's still far below 2008's record $4.11.

"I actually have other classes that I'm taking on aviation maintenance, which is all the way to Duluth, so in a week, I average $70 (in gas) - just for my school, not anything separate or doing anything personal", Desire said, adding that he expects prices to reach or surpass the $3-per-gallon mark sooner rather than later.

"Automobile travel will increase for the fourth straight year, by almost 5 percent over last Memorial Day", he said, citing AAA surveys.

"We just go with the flow and go with the gas prices and go on", said Miller.

ATRI's list of the country's top bottlenecks, ranking Atlanta's "Spaghetti Junction" interchange where Interstate 285 and I-85 North intersect as the most congested, includes trip planning guidance. Instead, GasBuddy thinks higher gas prices will discourage travel plans and keep people home.

The statewide gas price average in Texas is now $2.76 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, AAA announced on Thursday.

"I like to travel to Louisiana alot and I rather the prices stay low", said Denise Miller who plans to drive to New Orleans this weekend to visit family.

When it comes to fuel efficiency and running air conditioning, Milani says newer cars are built for comfort and to be fuel efficient, so it's best to do your usual summertime driving habits. "It's a factor, but I would have bought a more fuel-efficient auto if I really cared about gas mileage".

A high of 93 degrees is expected Friday. Dry but still warm conditions are predicted Monday by the National Weather Service office in Cleveland. Similar warmth was forecast for Saturday and Sunday, but with thunderstorms possible each afternoon.

AAA expects to rescue roughly 340,000 USA drivers over the long weekend. The Ozone Action alert urges people to minimize driving, delay refueling vehicles until evening, and avoid use of equipment with small gasoline engines during the day. Typically, every $1 increase in the cost of a barrel of oil boosts gasoline by 2.5 cents per gallon. One of two lanes will be closed for both directions of travel, according to the department.

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