Google to roll out 'Take a Break' feature for YouTubers

Tap Remind me to take a break.

Speaking at Brandcast last week, YouTube's CEO said that the platform now has over 1.8 billion registered users watching videos ... Other features coming down the pike include Program Timers, which will let you set time limits on using apps, and Shush, which should stop all alarms and vibrations whenever a telephone is put on a table or other surface with down the screen. If you are an Android user and don't see this feature yet, make sure you are using the latest version of YouTube by updating it from the Play Store. It will also include information of how many times you've unlocked your phone.

From here, you can choose to get a reminder every 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 minutes you're watching videos consecutively. Once you set proper timing of reminder, you would receive a notification and the video which you are watching will be paused at that very moment. The Take a Break feature can be accessed by going to Settings General, and the notifications feature is available at Settings Notifications. When you see the reminder with take a break, you can close down the app right away or can dismiss the notification and start watching the video. YouTube will then advise the viewer to take a break. Google has already been working with a number of developers and designers on this new iteration of Material Design, including popular Podcast app Pocket Casts. Moreover, nothing major has been spotted yet on the surface, which suggests that most of the new changes are made under the hood at the mainframe code level. This type of updates take longer than expected and Google might have released this update in phases.

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