HTC announces Exodus blockchain-powered smartphone

HTC announces Exodus blockchain-powered smartphone

HTC announces Exodus blockchain-powered smartphone

As the buzzword for most smartphone manufacturers in 2018 increasingly becomes AI, HTC seems to be headed the way less travelled.

According to a report by The Next Web, Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC is now working on an Android smartphone powered by blockchain technology.

Well, the phone's hardware is optimized to support decentralized apps (dApps), and there's a built in "universal wallet" to support storing your cryptocurrencies.

Heading HTC's blockchain experiment is Phil Chen, the creator of the Vive VR headset.

Initially, it will launch with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dfinity networks, and Lightning Network, but the company says it will eventually support the entire blockchain ecosystem. According to The Next Web, HTC has also outlined plans to create a native blockchain network, whereby cryptocurrency can be traded amongst Exodus users.

HTC is making a blockchain-powered phone. It will be launched later this year at a price of $999 (although those paying with Sirin's own cryptocurrency get a 10% discount).

A sketch of HTC's upcoming blockchain phone appears on its official site.

As per the listing on HTC India website, the company is working with multiple protocols with the intent of interoperability between blockchains. In what can be called a sales goal declaration, HTC wants to have double the number of nodes that Ethereum now has - reported 16,656 active nodes as of press time - and triple the nodes of Bitcoin.

There's a good chance you might be able to buy this phone with cryptocurrency as well, but this news wasn't confirmed yet. Huawei has hopped on to blockchain bandwagon by hosting a bitcoin wallet on its phones. The company has also included a few advanced security features and claims the phone is virtually "tamper proof".

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