Iran's Supreme Leader posts Instagram pic reading 'Fire and Fury'

Iran's tourism industry has experienced a boom few years

Iran's tourism industry has experienced a boom period

The protesters, mostly participants at weekly Friday Prayers, issued a statement in which they reiterated their loyalty to the Islamic Republic and its anti-imperialist ideals.

"If you can't get a definite guarantee, then the nuclear deal cannot be continued", he said.

Iran responded with frustration, but it now appears to be engaging in a more off-the-cuff manner.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has harshly reacted to the United States' withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran in strongly worded remarks published on his official website on Wednesday May 9.

But while he was snapped perusing numerous books, it was the photo of him reading a Farsi copy of Michael Wolff's scandal-laden book that has captured attention. The subject of which, of course, is the chaos inside Mr Trump's White House.

During his speech Tuesday, Trump said the Iran nuclear accord forged under the Obama administration in 2015 should never have been signed, and he fulfilled a campaign promise to end the U.S.'s involvement.

Speaker of the Iranian Parliament (Majles) Ali Larijani characterized President Trump's speech as "a political show" and said his words were "uncalculated and vulgar".

Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal: What now? Trump also announced plans to reinstate sanctions against Iran.

"The US wishes to tell the Islamic Republic what to do, but the Iranians are an independent nation and Americans can not stand this", Khamenei said.

"The answer to all that nonsense is what this great nation has always been saying: "America is dead wrong" and "Mr Trump, you are talking nonsense", he added.

The Iranian leader has 1.9 million followers and picked this troll-worthy picture to post from the Tehran Book Fair.

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