IS, Taliban Stage Deadly Attacks on Kabul Police Stations

Series of blasts hits Kabul casualties feared

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Suicide bombers and gunmen launched apparently coordinated attacks on two Kabul police stations yesterday, killing at least five people, with security forces still searching for assailants as the city braces for more violence.

The initial blast on Wednesday hit a police station in western Kabul's Dasht-e-Barchi district, at around midday, said police spokesman Hashmat Stanekzai.

Amin said a separate attack in central Kabul, in which a suicide bomber struck at the entrance to a police station, set off fighting that was still underway.

"The enemies of Afghanistan are proving nothing else with these attacks other than their enmity towards the people of Afghanistan", it said, in a statement.

Several other attackers were outside the building shooting at police officers.

The Taliban and an IS affiliate have carried out a series of massive attacks in Kabul in recent months.

Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak said a total of eight suicide bombers took part in the attacks, one of which was claimed by the Islamic State group and the other by the Taliban.

The attacks in Kabul and the renewed fighting have buried hopes expressed earlier this year that the Taliban may be open to peace negotiations following President Ashraf Ghani's offer in February of talks "without pre-conditions".

The attack occurred at around 12:30pm when a suicide bomber blew up his explosives near the police headquarters and four others entered into building of a private travel agency in the area and started their attacks from the roof the building, the police chief said.

Asam, the head of the Kabul ambulance service, who only has one name, said six people have been transferred to hospitals.

Afghanistan's Western-backed government is fighting an intensifying war with both the Taliban and the Islamic State that has turned much of Kabul into a high security zone of concrete blast walls and razor wire. Twin suicide bombings claimed by IS last week killed at least 25 people, including nine journalists who had rushed to the scene of the first attack. Provincial police spokesman Abdul Karim Yuresh mentioned the preventing continues to be underway and that authorities forces nonetheless maintain the compound.

According to Danish, the attack ended at around 6:30pm after all attackers were gunned down by government forces.

The Taliban also seized weapons and armoured vehicles. The Taliban have captured a number of districts in numerous components of the nation from Afghan safety forces since 2014, when the USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation formally concluded their fight mission and shifted to a supporting position.

The Taliban issued an announcement saying they management the district and claiming to have killed 10 safety forces.

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