Lawsuits threaten to derail Musk's Los Angeles tunnel

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"Wow. It's an awesome alternative for mass transportation in the city of Los Angeles", Susane Gearin said.

The news was announced during a community meeting for The Boring Company last night which, funnily enough, Musk was late to due to the city's traffic, which he called "the seventh or eighth level" of hell.

Elon Musk wants to use the biggest rocket SpaceX has ever built to transport humans anywhere on Earth in under an hour.

SpaceX and The Boring Company CEO Elon Musk has for the first time revealed his concept for a personalised mass transit system or "Loop" that will carry 16 people and travel at 240 km per hour for a fare of just $1.

Musk, however, did not provide a time-line for his project that could get people from downtown to Los Angeles International Airport in eight minutes in a vacuum tube.

Speaking at the time, she said: 'The objective of Boring Company is to alleviate soul-destroying traffic and augment public transit'.

Musk's aim is to get around the "soul-destroying traffic" that afflicts L.A. and other big cities, by building as many tunnels as needed to accommodate underground transit on fast-moving pods.

The billionaire's tunnel-digging firm, The Boring Company, is adding the finishing touches to its first ever track, ahead of its opening.

The West L.A. tunnel is the latest project Boring has undertaken after quietly digging a slightly shorter tunnel underneath tiny neighboring municipality of Hawthorne, where SpaceX and Boring are both headquartered.

Known for aggressively taking on large-scale technical challenges with which he has had little previous experience, Musk ended his pitch on a humble note, telling the audience that realising his vision "could only happen with public support". "We can actually sell the bricks at like 10 cents a brick", Musk said.

With The Boring Company's new 2.7-mile tunnel in Los Angeles nearing completion soon, as the Inquisitr recently reported, talk has now turned to Elon Musk's recent tweet which appears to suggest that Musk may be seriously considering integrating The Boring Company with SpaceX for astonishingly fast transportation to any point around the globe in under 60 minutes. "In our mind, you won't hear us, you won't see us, you won't feel us, you won't even know we exist", Davis said.

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