Lomachenko Sets New Record With Sensational Win Over Linares

     Lomachenko could become a three-weight world champion in just his 12th professional fight

GETTY Lomachenko could become a three-weight world champion in just his 12th professional fight

The cards were close, with Lomachenko up two on one, down two on another and the third one tied.

Vasyl Lomachenko stopped Jorge Linares in the 10th round on Saturday to win the WBA "Super" world lightweight title at Madison Square Garden. His father, Anatoly Lomachenko, is his trainer.

"I'm very happy and I want to say thank you to all of the fans who came out to MSG and Jorge Linares", Lomachenko said after the fight.

Lomachenko, also known in boxing circles as Hi-Tech, stole the show by earning a stoppage victory to become the new WBA lightweight champion. Judge Steve Weisfeld had Lomachenko leading 86-84, Robin Taylor had Linares 86-84 and Julie Lederman had it 85-85.

'The fight was getting interesting.

'I wanted to continue.

It's nearly time for two of the best current Pound-for-Pound fighters to meet in the middle of the squared circle and with that, I wanted to do a bit of a comparison based on my views of their attributes so that we can look at how close this contest really is on paper!

Lomachenko gave Linares credit in the widely-praised fight and even said he would have no problem accepting a rematch. For all the respect he's received as a longtime champion in the Lightweight division, Linares is still searching for that "signature" victory to set him apart in the record books.

Lomachenko is nothing, though, if not cool, and he used his wits to stave off Linares and score the biggest win of his career against the best opponent of his career.

Already a two-division champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist Lomachenko made it three in his 12th fight after moving up to 135 pounds. As the Venezuelan retreated, hurt, Lomachenko feinted upstairs before sneaking a scythe-like left hook beneath Linares' tucked elbow, straight to the liver.

Lomachenko ended the fifth with another flurry and his manager, Egis Klimas, stood in the corner smiling and nodding his head, knowing he has someone special. His straight right hand was finding it's home often and he was in control.

Lomachenko's speed and accuracy were the deciding factor in the early going.

Linares did manage to land a counter right hand that landed square on the nose late in the sixth round. "It happens", Lomachenko said. Lomachenko stood up to him and showed deep-down guts to knock him out.

Linares has notoriously been cut many times throughout his career, but his cutman this evening was none other than Rudy Hernandez, whose fighters have not lost a bout due to a cut for the last five years.

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